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Many of us will do whatever we can do to assist our children reach success both in the school and future life. Parents try hard to make their children smart and talented by sending them to best school and by creating highly conducive environment for emotional and physical growth. But, in spite of putting hard effort, most of us are not really satisfied with the progress that our children achieve. Dr. Hans Jürgen Eysenck (1916 –1997), a British psychologist of German origin, was noted for his work on intelligence and personality made a comment that should be of utmost interest to parents who would like to see their children attaining high level of intelligence.

He said most parents leave their children to grow in their own fashion during initial early stage and start paying attention too late and by that time, a substantial opportunity for the child’s mental development has been lost. We aspire children growing up to be intelligent, rational human beings who will make a success of their lives and be pillars of the society.

  • Introduce your child to Homac early in your child’s life and watch your child perform better in academics as well as in other field of activities.
  • HOMAC is a perfectly designed and recognized program for the children of age 4 to 12 years.
  • This program works on developing the multiple intelligence of the child.
  • Colourful abacus, flash cards, fun games, visual reminders will ignite the children to enjoy the learning.
  • Our activities are just like mental gymnastics and this intricate game helps your child develop the immense power of concentration as well as thinking process.
  • Children are innate geniuses who need proper attention and guidance at the right time.

What Do We Teach?

Homac Prep Course

Four year olds have increased capacity for learning. Children with good numerical skills will enjoy….



Homac Reception

Following the prep course at reception the child is concretized with number sense. Number sense ….



Homac Key stage

The Key stage comprises of eight stages. Each stage will consist of learning new concepts. In keys ….

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